HostGator WordPress Hosting Makes the Perfect Match

WordPress is a popular, award winning blogging platform that provides a range of functionality that is hard to match. Although it is primarily designed to create dynamic blog based websites, its flexibility allows you to use it to build just about any sort of website that you could want to run from a simple hobby blog to a complex Content Management System (CMS). The secret to its versatility is in its origins as an Open Source script that enables web developers everywhere to access the basic code to modify the basic format to meet almost any requirements. The functionality is further extended by the thousands of plug-ins that add dynamic and interactive features to WordPress websites.

The other side to using WordPress successfully is choosing the right web host to build your site with. It is important that the web host for your WordPress website is totally compatible with the script and it is preferable to have the WordPress installer fully integrated into the web hosting dashboard for your account so that you can install a new instance to a domain or subdomain with the minimum of fuss. This is why HostGator WordPress hosting is the perfect match for webmasters regardless of their level of computer literacy.

On top of the WordPress compatibility, HostGator also structures their shared hosting into three different levels of functionality, and cost, so that you can choose to pay for only the amount of webhosting that you want to use. For hobby bloggers who are only going to use one domain and a handful of e-mail addresses, the Hatchling Plan, at a ridiculously low $3.96 per month, will provide all of the features that they require, saving them the expense of paying for extras that they might never use. The functionality increases with the Baby and Business Plans so that users with greater demands for features like SSL and a dedicated IP are catered for while simpler users can, if the need arises, upgrade their plan to add the features as they need them. On top of this, the ability to install WordPress to your webhosting account using the one click, Quick Install script installer takes all of the hassle out of creating a new website. Unlike some webhosting services, there is no need to have to understand technical details of things like how to create new databases or how to use File Transfer Protocols (FTP) in order to jump in and build a new website.

The other great advantage of using HostGator WordPress hosting is that they have over a decade of experience at hosting these types of websites and so you can be confident that if you do encounter any difficulties with installing and maintaining your blog that the technical support staff at HostGator will be able to help you to sort them out quickly. Their experience, combined with the convenient one click installer and the value for money range of webhosting plans make HostGator the perfect match for WordPress when it comes to setting up your next website.