Choose the Best WordPress Web Hosting Company

WordPress is one of the leading web design scripts being used to build websites, with estimates that as many as one in five websites is powered by this versatile platform. The reason for its popularity is its intuitive, user-friendly design capabilities that make it easy for anyone with even a minimal amount of computer skill to quickly create almost any sort of website you could possibly want to use. Because it is an Open Source web design script, there is an almost endless variety of new style and functionality that is being added to the platform. To get the most out of your WordPress website, it is best to choose a webhost that has experience with hosting them and has a service that is tailored to be used with this script. The three top performers in this area are Bluehost, iPage, and Hostgator, and while they all provide a similar, one-click installation for WordPress, the differences in the service they provide makes it important to compare them, to determine which one has the right service for your specific needs. After a comparison of the services that are most used by WordPress webmasters, the three services come out with Bluehost as the leader, flowed closely by iPage and then Hostgator.


1. BlueHost WordPress Hosting

bluehostOf the three webhosts, Bluehost has the most reliable and experienced service for hosting WordPress websites. It combines the flat rate monthly fee of $6.99 with the popular cPanel and a completely unlimited service, to make it the leading company when it comes to hosting your WordPress website. New accounts get $100 in Google AdWords credits, a year’s free domain registration on any new domain that is purchased through Bluehost and comes with over 70 single click installation scripts. Bluehost also provide a single-click WordPress installer directly in cPanel, to make it quick and easy to get your new website or blog started. The webhosting service from Bluehost provides unlimited disc storage and data transfer, so that you can be sure that you will always have enough room to grow and you can rely on good download speeds, regardless of how heavy your traffic gets.

Apart from users that only need a very limited webhosting service, Bluehost offers the best value for money service in the long term. The flat rate of $6.99 per month for their all-inclusive service is much cheaper than Hostgator’s full service plan and less expensive than iPage long term prices, as well. This already reasonable cost can be reduced to as little as $3.95 per month on new accounts to help you to keep the set up costs for your new WordPress site as low as possible. The advantage of having cPanel also makes Bluehost more useable than iPage with a greater range of features that most webmasters will use, while many of the free inclusions from iPage will appeal to people that are setting up a retail specific website.

While there is very little to differentiate the quality of service and technical support, Bluehost’s live chat feature that allows you to connect to technical support via your Bluehost account dashboard, and their long history of reliable, state of the art service, make them the industry leader when it comes to hosting WordPress websites. With their reliability, quality service and long term cost effectiveness it is hard to find a better host for a new WordPress website than Bluehost.



2. iPage

ipageThe WordPress web hosting service from iPage is also accessed via a one click installer that is simple to use. Unlike Hostgator, iPage has a single, flat rate webhosting service that is offered at only $1.99 per month for the first year but increases to $8.49 per month after that. The service from iPage is unlimited and it allows you to set up as many websites as you want to, park domains and use as many subdomains as you need. It also comes with an impressive range of free inclusions, with over $500 of extras. Even though you may need to purchase some of the services like Google AdWords advertising to claim your credits, they can be useful for reducing your start up costs.

The control panel that is used for managing your webhosting account at iPage is vDeck, which, while similar to cPanel, doesn’t have quite as much functionality and is less intuitive to use. Every new iPage account comes with Install Central included as a part of vDeck which allows users to install a new WordPress website with a single click. There is very little to differentiate the two installers but the all-inclusive service from iPage offers greater flexibility than the limited hosting from Hostgator.


3. HostGator

hostgatorHostgator has a good reputation as a webhost and provide three levels of service that allow you to keep the costs of running your website to a minimum. If you are only going to keep a single website that uses only one domain then the Hatchling Plan from Hostgator may be perfect for your needs. This allows you enough space for any sized website that you want to use but because it is limited to a single domain and its subdomains it has very low fees, starting at only $3.96 per month. This does not come with some of the features like SSL that you may want if you intend to conduct transactions via your website and it doesn’t allow you to park domains either. The graduated range of webhosting service from Hostgator increases the cost as you add these sorts of functions and for the full service, the cost of $10.36 per month is more than the shared hosting from either Bluehost or iPage.


Another advantage of webhosting from Hostgator is that every account comes with the popular cPanel webhost dashboard that makes managing your account easy. The WordPress installer is available through the QuickTime Installer that is included with Hostgator’s version of cPanel, and the set up process is easy enough for anyone to do without having to understand any complicated code or web design jargon.


Bluehost WordPress Hosting for Your New Website

Bluehost are one of the oldest webhosting services in the industry and since their beginnings in 1996 they have developed a reputation for providing a state of the art service that is backed by excellent customer support. They have been among the first webhosts to embrace the popular web design script and the Bluehost WordPress Hosting service is a standard part of every shared hosting account. WordPress is so thoroughly integrated into the shared hosting service from Bluehost that there is a single click installer for the script available directly through every account’s cPanel webhosting management dashboard.

The single, flat rate shared webhosting package from Bluehost is all inclusive and comes with unlimited disc storage space and data transfer speeds. Bluehost also allow you to keep as many domains as you want to on one account and permits a maximum of 200 databases for every user. For new account holders, Bluehost provides the first year of registration for the first domain that you purchase with your Bluehost account. It also comes with everything that you need like SSL, third party e-commerce software like shopping carts as well as e-mail autoresponders and internet marketing analytics tools that you need to run and monitor an online retail website.

Installing WordPress websites on your account is a one click process that is available through either the simple Scripts application library or directly through the WordPress installer in the website builders section of cPanel that comes with every account. All that you need to do is to enter the name of your new website and determine which domain, or subdomain that you want to build it in and the installer does the rest. Once your new WordPress site is installed you can immediately access the administrator’s dashboard to begin to customize your new site by choosing themes and installing the plugins that you want to use. If you’re wondering which plugins to use, check out Plugins for Your WordPress Blog by Scott Chow. Through the Simple Script one click installer, WordPress users can also access a range of premium WordPress themes at reduced rates that are available for Bluehost clients.

The basic shared hosting account from Bluehost costs $6.99 per month but new account holders can get a discounted rate of only $3.95 per month for the first year. Combined with the $100 of Google AdWords and $50 of Facebook advertising credits and a choice of three e-mail services as well as a range of third party applications, Bluehost offer the easiest to understand, best value for money shared webhosting service available. This is backed up by their in house technical support and customer service staff that ensures that you can have any difficulties resolved quickly and with a minimum of fuss. You also have the security of Bluehost’s any time, money back guarantee so that if you are ever unhappy with the service you can cancel it whenever you like without losing your investment. The security and reliability of Bluehost, along with their long history of experience with hosting WordPress sites makes it the perfect webhosting for setting up your new blog or transferring your old WordPress pages to a top quality service.

Cheap WordPress Hosting With BlueHost

BlueHost has become the biggest brand when it comes to WordPress hosting. Several WordPress hosting firms use the control interface referred to as cPanel for users to manage their accounts. BlueHost however, went a step ahead and designed a particularly straightforward to use interface for users. They are also a recognized WordPress suggested hosting supplier. You never need to worry about the speed of your website with BlueHost, even if there’s a lot of traffic.

BlueHost provides dozens of tools and options for you to customize a website or blog. The greatest point is that every one of these tools come free along with your hosting account! With a BlueHost account, you get unlimited hosted websites and domains, unlimited disk storage, unlimited emails, 24/7 skilled on-site monitoring and a lot more!

When you opt to register with BlueHost you’ll see 2 choices. One option is when you don’t have a site name and need to buy one. Or for the second choice, you already have a site name purchased. Either method it’s pretty easy. You’ll be able to conjointly purchase a site name through BlueHost. Whois Privacy can keep your info non-public so that folks can’t attempt to find who owns your domain.

BlueHost offers cPanel, the foremost well-liked control panel adopted by various internet hosts. As a full-featured control panel with an intuitive interface, cPanel permits WordPress users to manage their websites and hosting accounts in a very easy manner. All of the web site statistics, server information, domains and security are underneath full management.

WordPress is the most popular content management system, also known as a CMS, which permits folks to make websites with premade themes. It’s simple to figure out how to design a site with WordPress as the only thing you have to have is a site name, and with BlueHost it may be included in your package. WordPress features a range of themes that are suited to primarily any style of website from ecommerce sites to niche businesses to a personal blog.

WordPress additionally has a simple means of uploading content to your web site thanks to a variety of plug-ins. There’s a plug-in for almost any task and concerning everything you will need to set up your website. There is also plug-ins for social networking, for tracking your visitors and to make syndication of your content easier.

You also should analyze wherever your site traffic originates from. For this you’ll want some analysis software, and thanks to BlueHost you have got Alexa or Google Analytics to try this. With WordPress, plug-ins can work with Google Analytics stats to create a tracking log of your website presence.

With BlueHost you can utilize many further dynamic options such as shopping carts for ecommerce. The hosting provider additionally promotes your website on most search engines.

At the end of the day, the simplest WordPress hosting choice will be one that matches your needs most closely. Therefore it is recommended that you research each company carefully before finally deciding what the best option is for you.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review

A website should be seen to be able to do its job. Without quality low-cost hosting the website is invisible, just a wasted endeavor with no reward. A web hosting service can ensure your website is available at all times. After all, any down time will mean a loss of revenue for you.

Once you’ve found a hosting company with a reliable history of keeping their servers up and running, and thus keeping your website up and running, there are several additional aspects to contemplate. Since there are such a high number of completely different offers by numerous firms, the process of narrowing it all the way down to one may be overwhelming.

BlueHost is good for personal websites, community teams and businesses, and is a seasoned, quality WordPress hosting company renowned for cheap pricing, a variety of options, great results and friendly support. BlueHost WordPress hosting is used by millions of consumers, and serves over three million websites currently.

Installing WordPress

The servers run cPanel and that makes it much easier to set up WordPress. Unfortunately it does still require you to have a little bit of technical ability to work it. As not everybody is adept at technical things like this, some customers may be puzzled regarding how to install WordPress on BlueHost hosting. Therefore you must review the detailed steps of installing WordPress on BlueHost.

Basically, there are 2 ways in which to put in a WordPress installation on BlueHost – 1-click installation and manually setup. Whereas most hosting firms solely provide Fantastico for one click installations, BlueHost offers SimpleScripts. Simplescripts is an open source one click installer for over seventy of the web’s prime applications. BlueHost was the developer behind SimpleScripts, and a number of alternative hosting firms have begun to use it. Their one-click installs with SimpleScripts make it super quick to set up test sites or new blogs quickly. You’ll be able to install multiple WordPress sites on the same hosting account fast.

Customer Service

The BlueHost client support team is well versed in WordPress. They can offer assistance should a problem arise with most WordPress hosting and installation issues. Besides this, they also developed a series of Youtube videos to guide their customers on how to maintain their WordPress websites step by step.

BlueHost is an internet hosting supplier that emphasizes timely and helpful client support. BlueHost has many choices so you can contact them. The web site offers support choices like Open a Ticket, Browse Knowledgebase, Video Guides, and a user forum. They even have a community support forum which permits the user to share their questions and offer fixes in BlueHost. Email queries are responded to quickly, and telephone help is fast and efficient as your calls are answered within 2 minutes by trained and friendly personnel.

BlueHost also partners with some WordPress themes sites so their customers will get access to thousands of free WordPress themes or can purchase additional services at a discount.

Easy to Set Up iPage WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most used website design platforms on the web because it is versatile as well as easy to use. It is probably the most powerful internet publishing tool in use today and can be customized to suit every kind of online user possible. As user friendly as it is to use, it helps to choose a webhosting service that is suited to using WordPress to be sure to get the best results. The iPage WordPress hosting service provides a one click installation that makes setting up a new WordPress site simple regardless of your level of computer skill.

The webhosting service from iPage is a flat rate, all inclusive package that comes with everything that you need to support your WordPress website. It gives you unlimited disc storage, data transfer and allows you to use as many domains as you want to. This means that you can create any number of WordPress websites without having to upgrade your account or spend any more money. Your first domain registration with iPage is also included for free for the first year of your account. Every account also comes with $500 of extras like Google AdWords and Facebook credits, free e-commerce software and security and regular malware scans as well as analytical tools for monitoring the traffic to your website.

Every iPage shared hosting account comes with the vDeck control panel that gives you access to all of your account’s features in one convenient and intuitive dashboard. Using the Install Central script library it is very simple to install a new WordPress website to your iPage webhosting account. All that you will need to do is to navigate through to the list of scripts, click on the WordPress link under blogs and enter the details of your new website’s name. It will then install the new website into your chosen directory and you will be able to access the WordPress administration dashboard for your new site immediately.

The fully featured shared hosting from iPages costs $8.49 per month but they offer big discounts to new account holders and it is possible to get your first year of webhosting for as little as $1.00 per month by taking advantage of the special offers on their home page. With all of the added value of the included advertising credits and third party software this reduces the set up costs significantly to help ensure that your new WordPress website gets the best start possible. This great value is backed up by state of the art servers and full 24/7 technical support and service via either their toll free phone service, e-mail or the handy chat feature of your iPage account.

If you want to set up a WordPress website it is hard to go past the great value for money, high quality service from iPage. It also gives you the confidence of a full, unlimited money back guarantee with no questions asked. For experienced webmasters and beginners alike, the WordPress hosting from iPage offers a user friendly, reliable shared hosting service that is hard to match.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Makes the Perfect Match

WordPress is a popular, award winning blogging platform that provides a range of functionality that is hard to match. Although it is primarily designed to create dynamic blog based websites, its flexibility allows you to use it to build just about any sort of website that you could want to run from a simple hobby blog to a complex Content Management System (CMS). The secret to its versatility is in its origins as an Open Source script that enables web developers everywhere to access the basic code to modify the basic format to meet almost any requirements. The functionality is further extended by the thousands of plug-ins that add dynamic and interactive features to WordPress websites.

The other side to using WordPress successfully is choosing the right web host to build your site with. It is important that the web host for your WordPress website is totally compatible with the script and it is preferable to have the WordPress installer fully integrated into the web hosting dashboard for your account so that you can install a new instance to a domain or subdomain with the minimum of fuss. This is why HostGator WordPress hosting is the perfect match for webmasters regardless of their level of computer literacy.

On top of the WordPress compatibility, HostGator also structures their shared hosting into three different levels of functionality, and cost, so that you can choose to pay for only the amount of webhosting that you want to use. For hobby bloggers who are only going to use one domain and a handful of e-mail addresses, the Hatchling Plan, at a ridiculously low $3.96 per month, will provide all of the features that they require, saving them the expense of paying for extras that they might never use. The functionality increases with the Baby and Business Plans so that users with greater demands for features like SSL and a dedicated IP are catered for while simpler users can, if the need arises, upgrade their plan to add the features as they need them. On top of this, the ability to install WordPress to your webhosting account using the one click, Quick Install script installer takes all of the hassle out of creating a new website. Unlike some webhosting services, there is no need to have to understand technical details of things like how to create new databases or how to use File Transfer Protocols (FTP) in order to jump in and build a new website.

The other great advantage of using HostGator WordPress hosting is that they have over a decade of experience at hosting these types of websites and so you can be confident that if you do encounter any difficulties with installing and maintaining your blog that the technical support staff at HostGator will be able to help you to sort them out quickly. Their experience, combined with the convenient one click installer and the value for money range of webhosting plans make HostGator the perfect match for WordPress when it comes to setting up your next website.


JustHost WordPress Hosting for Your Website

JustHost provide a one size fits all webhosting service that is perfect for hosting WordPress websites. With shared hosting starting at an exceptionally low $2.95 per month, they provide unlimited disk storage and data transfer for as many domains as you want to use. For startup accounts they also provide the first year’s domain registration for free on one new domain that is purchased with their webhosting, making it possible to set up your new website without having to spend any extra.

JustHost includes all of the functionality that you expect from a top quality webhosting service with unlimited e-mail addresses, subdomains and databases included with every account. On top of this there is a full suite of the functional, third party applications that you need to get your website up and running and to make it work for you right from the start. This includes a one click installation for new WordPress websites that will have you online with the minimum of time and effort regardless of how well you know your way around web design.

The WordPress installer is accessible via the cPanel webhost dashboard that comes with every account and uses the Mojo Marketplace single click installer to load new instances of WordPress directly onto your shared hosting account. For users that want to create multiple instances of WordPress, either on several domains or using multiple sub-domains, Mojo Marketplace allows users to have unlimited access to the script. It also provides exclusive access to other WordPress features like premium themes for a small subscription fee. This makes it very easy to install and customize all of the WordPress websites that you would ever want to use.

Installing WordPress to your JustHost webhosting account takes only a few minutes and is simple enough so that just about anybody can do it themselves. JustHost offers comprehensive support for bloggers and has the knowledge and experience to give you the confidence to know that if you do encounter any problems that they will be able to sort them out quickly and have you online with the minimum of downtime. In support of their WordPress hosting service, JustHost also provide a range of functionality like web analytics, secure layers, database installers and everything else that you need to maximize the value of your webhosting account with them. There is also a choice of a variety of shopping cart applications included to make it easy to begin to make your new WordPress website start working for you.

The very low webhosting fees and unlimited service provided by JustHost offers excellent value for money whether you’re starting up a new website or migrating an established one. The unlimited disk space and data transfer ensures that your website will have the room and the power to continue to grow with you. Added to the powerful website design capabilities and impressive functionality of WordPress this makes JustHost one of the best shared hosting packages on the internet and their service will provide the performance that you expect whether you use it for its business capabilities or just to run a hobby blog.